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We are a live-streaming agency based in North America that works with Tiktok! 

Your success is up to you and how much time/effort you put into your streams,

but we will be happy to help you along the way...



What are the benefits of joining the agency?
  • Exclusive agency-only campaigns and events with Tiktok 
  • Peace of mind because if you are wrongfully banned, we can contact Tiktok for you
  • Many streamers have seen a direct correlation with higher livestream viewers after they join an agency
  • A Discord channel to meet other members of the agency and find friends to battle or go live with
This sounds too good to be true… how does the agency make money then?
Our deal is with Tiktok directly, meaning it is just our job to find quality streamers and creators. We do not take any money from you and being in this agency is completely free. 

This opportunity is not for everyone, please only apply if:
1. You are 18 or older
2. You reside in the United States or Canada
3. You have 1,000 followers or more on Tiktok 
4. You can commit to at least 20 hours a month of streaming (each stream must be a full 1 hour or more to count and at least 10 separate days of the month)
5. You have a desire to be a better streamer & make more money
6. You take content creation seriously and have a true passion for growing your account & building a true relationship with your viewers
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